Glooip (pronounced 'gl-oy-p') provides top quality broadband telephone services to a worldwide subscriber list. Our global customers are able to make and receive phone calls via a touch tone telephone whenever and wherever a broadband Internet connection is available. glooip offers all of the same great feature you have been experiencing via your traditional telephony via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), such as call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail and more. Our cost saving communications services can be purchased right here, via our website. (link to purchase)

Glooip's goal? We believe that every person on this planet should be able to stay in touch with their family and friends without worrying about the cost. We offer our customers the peace-of-mind in knowing that they will be able to reliably call anyone, anytime without the price of that call ever coming to mind. Our customers are the reason we started Glooip and their 100% satisfaction is and will remain of utmost priority.

Glooip's service includes great international rates and there is no extra sign up fee. It's easy and risk-free, so why not starting reaping the VoIP benefits today and say hello to the future in voice communications.

Glooip is part of HyperNet, founded by Mr. Bjorn Sundeby. The Sundeby Group s privately held and has more than 200 employees. Mr. Sundeby is a serial entrepreneur who founded IST, Inc, in the U.S. and IST AB in Europe during 1985-86. IST provides an easy-to-use, web-based solution for the educational sector that streamlines the way scholastic information is gathered, shared, managed and analyzed.

Also a part of the Sundeby Group is Hypernet, Inc., a secure network community that empowers parents, teachers and school administrators to ensure children experience a safe and positive online environment and Credit Axiom, and easy-to-use online payment service for school fee management and paying for any add-on or paid services of Hypernet and Glooip. Extensive research was conducted before establishing each partner company, with secure collaboration as the core component in all.